Hudson outside Frisco campus

Aug 17, 2021 / Fractures

Share Your Story: Hudson's Cool Cast

Meet Hudson, a patient seen by our orthopedic experts in the Fracture Clinic. Learn more about his journey back to recovery.

My name is Hudson, and I am 10 years old. I have a really cool bike that I love to ride, and yes, I always wear my helmet! That’s a good thing because one afternoon my little brother and I were riding our bikes to the park, and I wiped out. My front tire hit a bump in the sidewalk, and I flipped over my handlebars and landed on the ground. As soon as I sat up and realized what had happened, my right arm really started to hurt.

My mom knew about the Fracture Clinic in Frisco, and I went the very next morning to be checked out. And yep, it was broken – just as my summer break was starting! They explained to my mom and me that because of where my bone was broken, it might hurt a little when they put my cast on. I felt a little nervous, but Ms. Laurie in Child Life came to see me, and she talked to me the entire time my cast was being put on. She helped distract me and kept my mind off of what was going on. It was over in no time!

I told my mom that I wished Ms. Laurie could always be around to talk to me when I'm scared about things.

I left Scottish Rite that day with a cool cast on my arm and promised my doctors and nurses that I would be extra careful to not fall again. They told me that if my bones healed like they should, I might even be able to get my cast removed in time to still swim this summer! Five weeks later I went back for a checkup. They cut off my cast, and they did some X-rays to check on my bones. My broken bone was all healed, and I was so happy! They showed me some exercises that I needed to do to help get the strength back in my wrist. Lucky for me, they said that swimming was the best exercise of all! We left Scottish Rite, and I went straight to the pool. I am glad that my Mom took me to Scottish Rite Fracture Clinic because they took great care of me.



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