Kaden and Oishi

Aug 09, 2021 / Hand Conditions

Share Your Story: Our Second Home

Meet Kaden, a patient who is treated by our experts in the Center for Excellence in Hand.

Blog written by Kaden’s mother, Tricia. 

I remember when we first found out our sweet baby boy had arthrogryposis. I felt like we were at a loss. Yet, throughout our entire journey, we have been blessed. We live in Florida and travel to Dallas for Kaden to be seen by Dr. Oishi at Scottish Rite for Children. 

Arthrogryposis means that Kaden had extremely stiff joints and was unable to bend his arms. In Florida, we have the very best physical and occupational therapists. For the first three and a half years of Kaden’s life, he did more than 14 hours a week of physical therapy. When he first started therapy, his movement was completely limited, but after years of hard work, his movement greatly increased. 

Our orthopedic doctor in Florida had worked with Dr. Oishi, and that is how we learned about Scottish Rite. As soon as I heard about a surgery that would help increase his level of movement, I knew we had to get to Dallas. The first visit was really the beginning of our amazing journey, and I feel like God has had a hand over Kaden throughout it all. 

Since Kaden had already done so much therapy, Dr. Oishi felt like he was ready for his first muscle transplant surgery at the age of 3 1/2. Six months later, he had his surgery on the other arm. Now, when people meet Kaden, they cannot even tell he has any limitations.

His movement has improved so much, and it has been incredible to witness. 

We have come to Texas so often that we feel like it is our second home. Scottish Rite and Dr. Oishi saved our son, and we are forever grateful to all the amazing staff. Kaden is now 6 years old, about to start kindergarten and he is amazing! 



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