Janet Fein graduates from UT-Dallas

Dec 18, 2018 / General News

CBS DFW: 84-year-old graduates from from UT-Dallas

Janet Fein spent two decades working at Scottish Rite Hospital before retiring at age 77. On Wednesday, December 18, 2018, the 84-year-old will cross the graduation stage at the University of Texas at Dallas and receive her Bachelor’s Degree.
Through hard work and perseverance, Fein has proved that anyone can further their education, regardless of their age.
“You can do it,” Fein said of returning to school. “You can do it if you keep working at it. Have a goal, find that goal and finish it.”
Though she has achieved her initial goal, Fein says she may not be finished with her education. She says she may enroll in more classes and work toward a minor in political science.
Watch Janet’s full story on CBS 11.

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