Ask the Expert: What is Unique About Pediatric Sports Medicine? Philip L. Wilson, M.D.

Oct 30, 2023 / Sports Medicine

D CEO: Ask the Expert – What is Unique About Pediatric Sports Medicine? Philip L. Wilson, M.D.

What is unique about pediatric sports medicine?
Children and teenagers currently have more opportunities to train and excel at high levels in a wider variety of sports than ever before. These activities lead to particular challenges as a result of repetitive stress on small and immature bones, cartilage, and ligaments. Injuries and conditions affecting these developing structures are often unique to children and very different than those seen in adults. Fortunately, specialized pediatric sports medicine experts now research and treat these conditions.
Can you explain what makes Scottish Rite for Children a great fit for the care of a young, growing athlete?
Treating children and teenagers 100% of the time, our fellowship-trained pediatric sports medicine experts also specialize in pediatric orthopedics. As a result of our high volume of specialized care and research, we are consistently ranked as one of the top programs in the country. Our multidisciplinary team works together to surround a patient with complete and comprehensive care.
In addition to participating in national multi-center prospective study groups, Scottish Rite for Children has more than 240 active research studies with resultant innovative surgeries and technological advances to treat growing patients.
  • Collaborate on specialized care, learning what motivates athletes to work toward their performance goals.
  • Have experience with rare injuries, like osteochondritis dissecans and ulnar collateral ligament tears, as well as common ones, like ACL injuries and fractures.
  • Engage before, during, and after surgery to achieve optimal outcomes for your growing athlete.
  • Track athlete outcomes and adjust surgical techniques and rehabilitation accordingly. 
Why does taking your teen athlete to children’s sports medicine matter?
Your young athlete’s body is still growing, making injuries and treatment strategies different than those in adults. We provide a comprehensive assessment, treatment, and expert advice for growing athletes with injuries and conditions that affect sports performance. We use special equipment and technology to find and correct techniques and mechanics to improve and refine sport performance. Our fellowship-trained sports medicine specialists have additional training that enables them to get kids moving and back on the field again—not just for one season but for as long as they desire. We offer comprehensive care and treatment through:
  • Sports surgery
  • Sports medicine primary care
  • Sports physical therapy
  • Athletic training
  • Sports motion analysis
  • Sports nutrition education
  • Pediatric psychology care
  • Athlete development
  • Return to sport bridge training

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