Coffee, Kids and Sports Medicine

Jan 18, 2021 / Spotlight

Adapting Education in 2020 for Medical Professionals

Our commitment to educating future medical professionals cannot be stopped. As medical conferences across the globe have gone virtual, our monthly series, Coffee, Kids and Sports Medicine, also continued in an on-demand format. Even after on-demand activities expire, recordings are available on the RITE Connection YouTube playlist with 2019 programs

Course co-directors Henry B. Ellis, M.D., and Gerad Montgomery, M.S.N., FNP-C, thoughtfully consider the audience’s needs in developing the series each year. Montgomery says, “We want to address the questions the attendees face day-to-day in their practices with all active children, not just young athletes.” Topics often cover conditions that do not need a referral to our pediatric orthopedic and sports medicine specialists.

Find links to download the summary and watch the full lecture by clicking the event titles.

Five Common Overuse Injuries in Young Athletes: Described by Five Sports Medicine Experts
Succinct overviews of shoulder and elbow little leaguer’s syndromes, apophysitis of the hip, osgood-schlatter disease and sever’s disease.

Adolescent and Pediatric Ankle Injuries
Lecture and live exam demonstration.

When is Back Pain a Problem in Our Youth?
Wisdom from a pediatric spine surgeon.

Swollen Knee: What Does That Mean?
Navigating the initial assessment of an acute or chronic knee condition.

Evaluation and Management of Sport-Related Concussions
Lessons from the sidelines, in the Sports Medicine clinic and through clinical research.

In-toeing, Out-toeing and Crooked Legs: Treatment Options and When to be Concerned
Rotational and angular deformities in children.

Counseling Your Patients Through COVID-19
Three original studies designed to study effects of stay-at-home orders on youth.

Finger, Hand and Wrist Injuries: Quick Fixes to Complex Problems
Pediatric hand surgeon reviews acute, pediatric conditions.

Ultrasound in Pediatric Sports Medicine
The how, when and why of musculoskeletal ultrasound.

Body, Mind, Sport: The Role of Wellness in Recovery and Injury Prevention
Certified sports dietitian and sports medicine physician team up to talk about young athletes.

“Caring for children and young athletes requires ongoing research and collaboration with other professionals to ensure that the very best is provided to them,” says Ellis. “Participating in ongoing education allows us, as well as others in the medical community, to better understand the most effective way to care for kids – making sure we help them get back to doing what they love.” 

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