Aug 29, 2018 / General News

Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children Recognized as the Top-Performing Children’s Hospital

NRC Health has selected Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, Dallas, TX, as a recipient of its 2018 Excellence Award, as the Top-Performing Facility in the Children’s Hospital division, for the 4th consecutive year. The 24th Annual NRC Health Symposium was held in San Diego, CA on Sunday, August 26.

The winners were selected from the extensive database of NRC Health hospital clients, for their performance over the last four quarters. Scottish Rite Hospital was selected for its first-place ranking as the Top-Performing Facility in the Children’s Hospital division and was a finalist for the Improvement Best Practice Award.

For nearly four decades, NRC Health has helped healthcare organizations illuminate and improve the moments that matter most to patients, residents, physicians, nurses, and staff. Today, NRC Health is honored to recognize top-performing hospitals and health systems that have exhibited an exceptional commitment to understanding each individual’s complete care journey. Their desire to better understand the people they care for, and their aspiration to design experiences that inspire loyalty, is the embodiment of the NRC Health mission of human understanding. The Excellence Awards recognize these elite organizations, which have received the highest ratings in overall satisfaction by patients and their families.

“Receiving this most prestigious award for four years in a row offers the hospital an opportunity to be recognized as the top leader in patient satisfaction, which is at the forefront of our mission,” believes Kerry Wilder, Director of Quality and Performance Improvement for Scottish Rite Hospital. 

"Each year our partners inspire us with their commitment to service,” says Helen Hrdy, Senior Vice President of Client Service at NRC Health. “The individuals at these organizations show a genuine understanding for their patients, which is revealed in their extraordinary, compassionate care. It is always a special pleasure for us to honor and recognize these efforts with the Excellence Award. We congratulate Scottish Rite Hospital for embodying human understanding and demonstrating a commitment to patient-centered care.” 


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